10 Most/funniest episodes of Running man

These are top 10 of funniest episode that I would like to recommend to both new comers and true  running man fans (for re-watched). These pictures are captured(all by myself) from the episode which has THAI SUBTITLES because the original one was written in Thai.
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10th : Episode 139 
KS : Get your dirty hand off me!!!

This episode was when the member had to act like they were in a romantic-comedy series. In order to create that real sense of romantic series, they had to play both part as men and women. I really love how Jaesuk and Kwangsoo were perfectly paired.

9th : Episode 60 (True Gary Show)

This episode was the first of "True Gary Show"...the second one was just released few weeks ago. The episode was all about tricking Gary to make himself thinking that he is the spy. If Gary happens to know that he was tricked, the Running man will lose. If Running man can trick him untill the end of the show, they will win.

8th : Episode 181 

It was another episode that our male members had to dress as woman throughout the show. I really love how Kim Jong Kook and Kwangsoo nailed as a female high school student. Let's meet "Kwang Ja and Jong Sook"

7th : Episode 124 (The King's war)
"Anyone who wants to rip my name-tag off ...is a traitor"

"What will you do if you become a king?" This episode running man and guests are fought over to become the KING of Running man. The funniest moment is when Kwang soo became the 1st king.

6th : Episode 128 (Money war)

This was the first episode of year 2013 ... you can bet that this must be something special about this episode. Running man and guests were dived into 3 groups to compete with each other, in order to obtain the highest amount of team's money. Ji suk Jin makes me die laughing here.

5th : Episode 125 (Angry Santa)
Christmas special episode

Welcome to the Christmas special episode, where all the guests were fat angry and hungry Santa Claus. I have to say that this episode will make you can't stop laughing. You would get to see these cute fatties guests running around bringing joy to the fans.

4th : Episode 166 
Haroro VS Yoohyuk

It was all started when the two richest family in Korea are fighting over the money that grandma(Dongwan) had left them. The funniest scene was when they playing the game by betting with glasses of water.

3rd : Episode 147 (Flower boy race)

The flower boy race was one of funny episode of Running man. The guests are extremely hot(and cute), according to the term of flower boy. This episode had consisted with different games and tasks to complete. It was the first episode that I've watched ... and become fan ever since.

2nd : Episode 175 
The convicts are lining up

The beginning of this episode was when the members and guests were putted in jail with absurd crime. They were divided into 2 groups to compete with each other, in order to escape from their crimes. Legend of Orange-panties was born ... Yoo Jae Suk.

1st : Episode 5
I have to say that this episode is legendary...it might be the one that brings people to Running man at the first place when it was first aired. This episode is when the name "Peaceful Gary" was born. I can guaranteed you that this is the funniest episode of all time.