Travel Me : Read in English version

Travel Me :  To Phuket + Novotel Phuket Resort (1)
This is the first time that I have decided to write a travel experience review in English. I just simply want all of my foreign friends get to experience Thailand through Thai people's eyes.

Travel me : Patong beach + Novotel Phuket Resort (2)
I was waking so early that day with intention to see the sunrise at Patong beach, and then again the fact the smoke from Indonesia was still covered the area hits me. So I went back to sleep for another few hours then decided to take a walk along the beach.
Travel Me :  Spa day + Novotel Phuket Resort (3)
Talking about relaxing on a holiday, most people would think of "Spa". Yesterday, me and my aunt had booked the time for our massage. Novotel Phuket Resort' spa is located next to the pool, but don't worry ... the spa area is not as crowded as you think it might be.