Travel Me : To Phuket + Novotel Phuket Resort (1)

This is the first time that I tried to put my travel experience into a review in English. (First, it was all written in Thai, I'll try my best to translate it later) I just simply want all of my foreign friends get to experience Thailand through Thai people's eyes. And our first destination is Patong beach, Phuket.

Somehow, when I looked up into the sky ... it was so cloudy and foggy even though the weather report said that it was supposed to be a sunny day. After landing at Phuket International Airport, the driver of the hotel that I was booked came to pick me and my aunt up, we have to take another 40 minutes to reach our destination by car. On the way to the hotel, I asked the driver why it is so cloudy today ; "Because of the smoke from Indonesia" he replied. Noooo ... I said to myself , it might ruined my holiday vacation. Luckily, this trip was turned out to be just fantastic.

After 40 minutes on the long road, the car slowly took us up into the hills, and on that hill there was our hotel "Novotel Phuket Resort". This hotel is located on the hill which you can clearly see the ocean view on the otherside. Isn't it beautiful?

We got the room number 7XX which normally means that we have to go up to the room on 7th floor, but this was different. Because of this hotel is a resort hotel ; it is all about being close to the nature, so our 7XX room is located up high on the hill. Let's go for a walk, shall we?

It took less than 5 minutes to reach our room. The first thing that came into my mind was that beautiful painting on the wall looks so familiar. Many Thai people would also think the same, but for foreigner I think that the story behind this painting will blow your mind.

This painting was originally from the painting from Wat Phra-kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) walls. It is the painting of the classic noval called "Ramakien" which is Thailand's most epic novel of all time (influenced by Indian novel called Ramayana) about a war between humans and giants that fight over for just one woman. The real painting was painted on the wall around this temple by unknown artist for almost 230 years ago. From now on, I would like to tell the story behind this painting each by each.

On the right side of the painting is the picture after humans had defeated giants and brings Sita (the woman the causing this war) home. Rama (our hero) is giving reward to his monkey armies in order to thanks them for helping humans fight against giants.

The victory marching back to Ayutaya
On the left side is the picture of Hanuman, the head of monkey armies took to news to Ayutaya and declared that humans had won the war. If anyone wants to know more about this awesome story, please look for this novel, "Ramakien"

Because "Ramakien" used to be my project on high school, that's the reason why I feel so impressed by this hotel for choosing such a great painting from an incredible novel to hand on the wall. So in the next morning, I talked to the manager about this and she said that it was the owner's intention to put it up on the wall. Moreover, in each room there will be different paintings from "Ramakien" as well.

Despite a great painting on the wall, the hotel room is very comfortable, nicely cleaned before check in ; and moreover, the bed is extremely soft.  It is indeed a cozy, friendly and warmth hotel.

I happened to noticed few signs in the room that makes me feel impressed by this hotel. Those signs try to encourage you to help saving the environment by just ask the maid not to clean up your bed nor  change your towel. You can help reduce the using of water and by using same towel can help reducing the rate of endangered forests.

When me and my aunt got to this hotel, it was almost getting dark. So we decided to go on the view point at the hotel to see the sunset. Due to the smoke from Indonesia, we couldn't see the sunset which was upset me a little because we were at the perfect spot. Anyway, I still got some of good looking photos.

After taking enough photos, my tummy decided to ask for food. So we (me and my tummy) went to "Ruen Thong" Thai restaurant for dinner. This restaurant was faced to the ocean, so that we can sit and enjoy an amazing view.

Guess what??? ... that night's buffet was "Seafood buffet", my favorite kind of food of all time. At the hotel, you get to experienced different night's buffets, I guaranteed that you'll always be surprised by each day special buffet.

At the counter, two handsome chefs had recommended the best dish of that day was "Grilled serpent-head or snakehead fish". I have to admit that I'm not sure is that the right name for the fish, but many Thais people seems to agree with me (and I also googled it). Despite the horrible name, the taste was really good, you have to try it once you visited Thailand. And There are also lots of delicious seafood around the table, let's take a look.

My first day at Phuket went well more than I expected. After a great meal, we decided to get some rest ... be prepared for great adventure in the next morning. Have a sweet dream.

Special thanks to ...
Mr.Wutti Sanjorn, Resident Manager of Novotel Phuket Resort for your kind and generous hospitality; who personally took a really good care of me and my family. We had a fantastic experience, and plan on returning to Novotel Phuket Resort on next vacation.

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